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Give your home a personal touch with a handmade tile panel created by 1000graden ceramic artisans. Inspired by Dutch tradition, our handmade tile panels are both contemporary and timeless. 
Our tiles can be used anywhere in your home, including the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, on tabletops, and around the fireplace. Whether your tile panel is custom-made specifically for you, or if you choose one from our extensive portfolio, you will be sure to have something special for your guests to talk about during parties or simply for you to enjoy every day.
All our pieces begin as a handmade sketch that is then carefully painted with ceramic glazes using a special technique that emulates watercolors.
We work together with private clients, architects, and interior designers. We combine different styles to make unique and distinct tile panels. The contemporary tile panels are inspired by Dutch tradition. 
All designs have 1000graden copyright. All merchandise is waterproof and heat-resistant. As each piece is unique, colors and design may vary slightly.


1000graden is the ceramic design company of Bea Peters and Chiel Kleipool. 1000graden is also  Dutch for 1000 degrees, the Celsius temperature of the kiln for melting glazes. 

The artists

In 1981 Bea Peters exhibited art tiles in the art gallery ‘De Praktijk’  in Amsterdam. Her creations were a smashing succes and were sold out immediately.

This sparked her enthusiasm and she decided to learn more about ceramics, with a focus on glazing and decoration. A very inspiring and beautiful world revealed itself to her, from single decorated tiles to complete wall coverings with tiles. This was the start of a never ending love for hand painted tiles from all over the world. Inspired by this, she started her own brand.

Five years ago, Chiel Kleipool joined the company.

Chiel and Bea go back a long time. They met at the Amsterdam Academy of Art & Design back in the eighties. They were trained as art teachers in the techniques of fine art and painting. Subsequently they moved on to and specialised in decorating ceramics. Their mastery of hand-painting ceramics has grown over the years, while studying many international styles and practicing multiple application techniques. The signature 1000graden tile panels, are the result of years of experience in painting and decorating. Together they have made tile panels for a substantial number of kitchens, home interiors, restaurants, and shops.

Atelier 1000graden

Client list

Interior designers

Co van der Horst / Smithuis keukens

Keukenleven  Bussum

Bart Vos interieur Groningen

Intercodam Amsterdam 

Evelien interieur Bloemendaal

Estida Amsterdam


Wegener Europe

Port of Amsterdam



Carlton Ambassador Hotel, Den Haag

Banks Manson Carlton Hotel, Amsterdam

Van der Valk Hotel, Heerlen

La Valies Hotel, Roermond 

Grand cafe Belami, Bussum

Restaurant Petossi, Haarlem

Hotel New York,  Rotterdam

Restaurant Zeezout,  Rotterdam


Dille & Kamille


Douwe Egberts



Homestock limited Editions

VT wonen webshop

Deco home webshop

Tile shops

Intercodam Amsterdam 

Patroonfabriek Rotterdam

Kol tegels Haarlem