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1000graden is Dutch for 1000 degrees, the Celsius temperature of the kiln for melting glazes.

We work together with architects, interior designers for retail, hospitality and private clients. We combine different styles to make unique and distinct tile panels and interior items. Our designs can be customized to make a personal wish come true. 

1000graden makes contemporary tile panels and is inspired by Dutch tradition. A tile panel adds a decorative and personal touch to your interior, in the kitchen or bathroom, in the hall way or around the fireplace.


The artists

In 1981 Bea Peters exhibited art tiles in the art gallery ‘De Praktijk’  in Amsterdam. They were sold out immediately. This sparked her enthusiasm and she decided to learn more about ceramics, with a focus on glazing and decoration. A very inspiring and beautiful world revealed itself to her, from single decorated tiles to complete wall coverings with tiles. This was the start of a never ending love for hand painted tiles from all over the world.

Five years ago, Chiel Kleipool joined the company. Together they have a long history. They met at the Amsterdam Academy of Art & Design back in the nineties. Educated as teachers in the techniques of fine art, they specialized themselves in decorating ceramics. Their love for hand-painted ceramics has grown over the years, while studying many international styles and techniques. The signature designed  1000graden tile panels, are the result of years of painting and decorating. Together they have made tile panels for many kitchens, restaurants , and shop interiors.


Atelier 1000graden